Jim & Ray Live On The Radio Sunday


GlassOnion are extremely excited to announce they will be joined in the Boogaloo Radio studio 2-4pm with Jim Jones and Ray Hanson of the legendary garage rock band Thee Hypnotics!

Thee Hypnotics are a Ferocious and magnetic psychedelic garage rock outfit that swaggered out of the London Underground club scene onto Rock and Rolls round table of garage rock royalty.

“Thee Hypnotics took flight when four compulsive, fucked up teenagers went on a musical rampage that led them straight into the fiery furnace of rock and roll Babylon.
They were Loud, Shambolic, destructive and soulful” - Soul Trader (Thee Hypnotics story)

Co-founded by the guitarist Ray Hanson , singer Jim Jones , along with their original drummer Mark Thompson, and bassist Adam Sharam.

Melody Maker noted that "Thee Hypnotics care only for their own generic past and frenetic present. The future doesn't even get a look in... Forget regression, this is reincarnation! Past, present and future! ..a sleazy, swaggering, soulful, absurdly and gloriously self-conscious trash blues thing... "

This weekend hear the story of Thee Hypnotics, a Band destined for that one way ride, curated by Jim Jones and Ray Hanson.